Professional Personal Injury Telemarketing


Proven Personal Injury Telemarketing

Personal Injury Appointments is excited to generate personal injury patients for chiropractors. We specialize in creating valuable personal injury patient opportunities for chiropractors nationwide. Our commitment to excellence shows with every qualified personal injury patients our well-trained staff schedules.

Our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program is designed connect individuals who have been involved in recent auto accidents with timely chiropractic care and treatment. Our call center is highly specialized and is fully compliant with all telemarketing rules and regulations.

If you are interested in expanding the Personal Injury focus for your chiropractic clinic then we are a great solution for you.


Personal Injury Appointments leverages the unique technology of a propriety and privately constructed call center suite which allows our staff to be far more efficient with their time and your results.


Recent Auto Accident Victims. Personal Injury Appointments provides targeted Personal Injury Telemarketing services for chiropractors nationwide. Our agents reach out to a very select audience of individuals who have been recently involved in motor vehicle accidents.


To ensure recent auto accident victims have access to unmatched, and timely chiropractic care and treatment. Our Personal Injury Telemarketing campaigns aim to produce successful and relevant personal injury patients for your chiropractic clinic.

Personal Injury Appointments takes immense pride in providing a Personal Injury Telemarketing Program that produces enormous results for our clients. With over 7 years experience in this very niche Personal Injury Marketing field, Personal Injury Appointments aims to create the best Personal Injury Telemarketing experience for your chiropractic clinic.

Our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program is a full service personal injury marketing vehicle. There is nothing required of you or your staff to make our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program work for you.


Personal Injury Appointments stands behind our results. To that end we guarantee our production for your chiropractic clinic with all our chiropractic marketing systems including our popular Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. There are no exclusions or fine print. Our chiropractic personal injury telemarketing campaigns are built on a strong foundation of proven results. If you are interested in treating more PI Patients there is never a better time to start than now!

Exclusivity? No Problem…

Personal Injury Appointments has worked with enough chiropractic clinics to know that personal injury marketing is as much a personal decision as it is a competitive chiropractic marketing decision. Personal Injury Appointments does not water down the success of our results by spreading out the PI Patients we generate to other chiropractic clinics in your area. We send them ALL to you!

How Do I Start Seeing PI Patients?

Getting started with the right personal injury marketing solutions for your chiropractic clinic is worth a phone call. The staff at Personal Injury Appointments will ask you some questions so we can create the most strategic and successful personal injury telemarketing results for your clinic.

Pricing and Availability

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